04-04TroopPaschal Candle Lighting Service Hours Full Class A Uniforms
04-06TroopWeekly Scout Meeting
04-13TroopWeekly Scout Meeting
04-20TroopWeekly Scout Meeting
04-24 -> 04-26TroopCivil War Reenactment Camping
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05-15 -> 05-17TroopWildood Beach Jam Camping
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06-12 -> 06-14TroopCoast Guard - Bike - Cape May Ferry - Cape Henlopen Park
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07-26 -> 08-01TroopSummer Camp - Resica Falls BSA Camp
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09-25 -> 09-27TroopTBD
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10-23 -> 10-25TroopT1 Lakeside Camping
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Welcome to Troop 144

Our Lady of Good Counsel

Mondays 7:00pm – 8:30pm



Our Troop provides a great environment for both parents and children to share exciting times together, enjoy new experiences, and develop memories. We provide you perfect opportunities to spend that quality time together that you have been looking for. Strengthen your relationship with your child through the opportunities that abound with Troop 144. Come and join us as we head out to conquer the outdoors!

We occasionally have meetings off-site for special events, if you're not yet involved with Troop 144, make sure to Contact Us and let us know you're coming.

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Saturday 6:30 pm, the Lighting of New Fire - Easter Vigil - Service Project All Scouts Class A Uniforms

Posted on Mar 29 2015 - 8:39pm

OLGC celebrates the Easter Vigil on the night of Black Saturday, the ceremonial lighting of the Paschal candle is one of the most solemn moments of the service. On Maundy Thursday of the same week the entire church is darkened by extinguishing all candles and lamps. This represents the darkness of a world without God. At the Easter Vigil on Saturday a Brazier is used for kindling the "New Fire". (performed by our Scouts).  At the opening of the Easter Vigil a "new fire" is lit and blessed. The Paschal candle is the first candle to be lit with a flame from this sacred fire, representing the light of Christ coming into the world. Typically, the worshiping assembly at entrance of church then processes into the church led by the Paschal candle.  This candle is traditionally the one from which all other lights are taken for the Easter service.

Civil War Reenactment - Neshaminy State Park April 24 - 26

Posted on Mar 29 2015 - 8:38pm


Resica Falls Summer Camp 7-26 to 8-1-2015

Posted on Mar 29 2015 - 8:05pm

Wildwood Beach Jam May 15-17

Posted on Feb 27 2015 - 12:13pm

Wildwood Beach Jam                                                 Troop Consent Form Attached

Annual Dues for 2015 are Due. Cost $65 per scout

Posted on Nov 18 2014 - 5:20pm

Scout annual membership dues are due; Cost $65 per scout.  The membership fees go directly to the Boy Scout Council to cover the annual liability insurance, merit badges, books, program development and much more. Turn in dues to Troop Treasurer Mrs. Backert. Reminder: Adult Leaders can only be registered if BSA Youth Protection is current. 


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